Wendel Milliman

Three years ago, I was honored to be asked by our phenomenal artistic director, Camille Couture-Carter to audition for the Ariose Singers. It’s been the greatest joy and gift for me to sing with so many wonderful singers.

I work as a Telecommunications Analyst at UCSC surrounded by the magical forest. You can find me cooking a delicious meal at home or singing my heart out in choir. Yoga and meditation keep me sane. I enjoy art and movies. Devoted to raising my 13-year-old son.

Music has been a lifelong passion, as a vocalist, instrumentalist, and listener, since a very young age. I had the amazing experience of touring Europe with my high school choir and band in 1984. I graduated in 1988 from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and received the award for Best Female Vocalist. Singing, performing and listening to music has accompanied me through many difficult and joyous occasions. The health benefits of singing are many, here are just a few:

  • Singing releases endorphins

  • Singing improves cognition

  • Singing lowers your blood pressure

  • Singing tones up your facial muscles, your diaphragm, and your intercostal muscles

  • Singing increases empathy and understanding between cultures

  • Singing develops the lungs and gives you better posture

  • Singing brings people together and creates a sense of community

  • Singing can help patients with Parkinson’s disease