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Carol Geortner

A lyric from “Earth Song” * captures my passion for singing, ‘ and singing have been my refuge…and light.’  It began thanks to Leonard Bernstein, Janis Joplin, the Beatles and my family.

My Dad took me to hear Leonard Bernstein conduct the New York Philharmonic Young People’s Concerts series.

My brother Jack introduced me to rock’n’roll and the blues. We became lifelong Beatles fans together. He is an accomplished drummer.

Janis Joplin’s voice seared music into my heart. She stunned me with her huge voice and small stature when she took the stage at the Asbury Park Convention Center (in NJ.)

I have sung in many university and church choirs.  It is a tremendous privilege to sing with the Ariose Singers.

*words and music by Frank Ticheli

Cathy Pickerrell

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David Kay

David Kay is Principal of DB Kay & Associates, a consulting firm that helps customer support organizations be successful with knowledge management and collaboration programs.  Prior to launching DB Kay in 2002, David was VP of Solutions and Technology for Kanisa, a venture-funded knowledge management software vendor. David has worked at Apple, Netscape, NeXT, TRW, and CIA.

David started his singing career as a boy soprano accepted to the Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys in San Francisco.  He has sung with the Dartmouth College Glee Club, Voices of Silicon Valley, and the Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale.

When not singing or working, David enjoys road racing his purpose-built sports racer at Laguna Seca, Race Sonoma, and other tracks.  He loves to cook, travel, read, and spend time with his family.


H. Ernest Fox


Jaeleen Bennis


Jamie Calame

I've been performing with Ariose Singers for about three years now. I am so hooked on this group. Our harmonies are tight; our combined vocal skills are so damn solid. I had honestly never once heard five voices sing a unison line and truly sound like one voice until joining this ensemble. Our conductor Camille is passionate and graceful on the stage; and I love the vision she brings to our musical journey.